About Notes From the Stable

My main blog is The Little White Donkey  over at www.littlewhitedonkey.blogspot.com  There, I blog about Family Life in Rural Cyprus from the perspective of a forty-something English-speaking foreigner married to a Cypriot.  As the LWD developed, I began to explore creative writing sites and following prompts for stories and poems.  Loading all those onto a static page at the Little White Donkey felt a little like tempting fate:  I am not computer savvy, and try as I might,  following design instructions to add dynamic pages threatened to upset the whole proverbial apple cart.

Thus, I created this blog, Notes From the Stable. Here, each post will have its own page, its own comments, and there is room to expand a little.  Unlike the LWD where the posts are non-fiction,  a reflection of my life here, Notes will include many different styles of writing from essays to fiction, to poetry.  I try and follow at least two prompts each week, and am also working on a novel.

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